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Managed IT Services In Allen

managed IT services

Many companies are opting for managed IT services in Allen. This service can include different things, depending on your business needs.

The managed IT service provider may provide remote monitoring as an extension of their support services, which is often their first entry-point into providing managed IT services. There is, however, a much more extensive service offering available when you partner with a company like Active Computer Technologies.


How Managed IT Services Have Evolved

In the past, managed services often involved a lot of dedicated, on-site resources for a customer to manage their technologies on site. This has evolved to a point where remote service providers have become the norm.

A remote service provider essentially leverages the scale of their platform and their delivery options to continue extending their service offering to clients. What separates Active Computer Technologies from other service providers is that the technology and the other service lines are grouped together. As the technology market continues to evolve, there is a rise in software centricity and dependency, which creates a lot of complexity for customers to manage themselves.

IT services really help customers to more easily adopt new technologies. It ensures them that they have the IT support they need if something goes wrong or if someone within their team needs guidance, advice or help.


Why You Need To Get All Your Computer IT Services From One Provider In Allen

Having a one-stop service provider for IT outsourcing services is the key to not only managing your technology, hardware, and software, but ensuring maximum uptime for your business operations. Customers do not want to have to pay for a specific service from one provider, and have to go elsewhere if their needs change or if they need to scale their IT infrastructure. Having a company who can partner with you for the long-haul is the key to getting your money’s worth.

At Active Computer Technologies, we have a saying: A provider that only provides a part of the solution, is part of the problem. Our small business IT support services include:

Our IT specialists can also provide remote monitoring and management services that include:

  • Remote access to your PCs
  • Antivirus monitoring
  • Windows event monitoring
  • Software updates and patch management
  • Hardware monitoring


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Over 25 years ago, Active Computer Technologies was created to help small businesses compete with larger corporations. Today we provide managed services Dallas businesses rely on to be successful.


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