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Network Security Tips For Your Business In Allen

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It may seem like only large companies, such as banks and insurance providers, need to be concerned with network security in Allen. The fact of the matter is that small to medium-sized businesses are very often a target for cybercriminals. In fact, a significant number of businesses have had a cyber breach in the last year. And, the majority of these businesses do not survive past six months after the breach.

The appeal of a small business to cybercriminals is that small businesses typically do not believe they have anything worth stealing. As a result, they are totally unprepared for a cyber-attack.

If you think that your business is too small to be a potential target for hackers, think again. More often than not, small businesses are the crown jewels because hackers consider them a ‘sweet spot’ between individual and large corporations. Small businesses have more information to steal than individuals. However, they have taken much fewer security precautions than large organizations. Here are a few tips that will help to improve the network security at your business:

Train Employees

They are your first line of defense and must be aware of basic security practices, appropriate internet usage guidelines, and cyber policies. Many breaches are due to ill-trained employees.

Protect Your Network From Cyber Attacks

Having the latest security software, operating system, and web browser are great defenses against viruses and other malware. Have your anti-virus software run regularly and install all updates immediately.

Make Sure You Have A Firewall

A firewall is basically a mote around your network that prevents outsiders from entering. Therefore, you need to make sure your operating system’s firewall is enabled (or alternatively, install free firewall software).

Regularly Back Up Data On All Computers

You should make the backup process automatic and store the data either off-site or in the cloud.  Many small businesses are now installing critical data in the cloud. If this is what your business is doing, you should still store the data backup on a hard drive off-site. It also pays to have the highest level of security offered by the cloud provider, even if this option costs more.

Control Access

Make sure no unauthorized person can gain access to your computers and lock them up when possible if they are not in use.

Control Wi-Fi

If you have a Wi-Fi network, make sure it is secure and that it can only be accessed with a password.

Active Computer Technologies offers internet security solutions for businesses, including network security and VPN security solutions. Contact us for more information today.

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