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What is data backup and restore services?


Ten years ago, data backup was simple. Copy files to a disk, or backup to a tape, and all was well (or so we thought). Today, we have much more data. Research predicts that there will be 40ZB of data on the planet by 2020. As businesses learn to better utilize the data, this data is also becoming much more valuable than ever before.

What is remote backup services? 

remoteonline, or managed backup service, is a service that provides users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of computer files.

The increase in data has yielded more ways in which to back it up, but beware: not all backup is created equal. There are a few data backup options that you a business can consider, including

  • File-based backups: This allows specific files and folders to be saved as needed. File-based backups allow you to restore individual files. Full restores are possible, but because restoration software handles only one file at a time, the process is time-consuming.
  • Image-based backups: This takes a picture of an entire machine. With image-based backups, you can restore individual files, do bare metal restores, verify images, boot virtual machines and even run remote offices. Because an image-based backup contains a more complete data picture, full restores are faster and more reliable than file-based backups.
  • Agentless backups: This doesn’t require any software to be installed on the machines you want to protect. The process can be more efficient, however, by installing a piece of software known a backup agent, which monitors sector level changes on the drive. This lets the backup process know which sectors to pull, resulting in a low load on the protected machine during backup.
  • Remote backup: When you partner with Active Computer Technologies for remote backup services, ourIT Support team that is based out of Richardson Texas can log into your computer remotely and assess the damages providing immediate solutions & peace of mind.

With our online data backup solution, your data is safe with us. All of the long hours and hard work you have been putting in to win your next client is never lost with our computer support team. Contact us for data backup and data restore services today.

Our Why

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