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Network Security Richardson

Network Security

Networks and the internet allow computers to connect with each other across the globe, but as many companies in Richardson know, not all of these computers play by the rule or have our best interests at heart. Just as we have physical security to protect our physical assets and police officers to protect us in the real world, we need network security to minimize harm in the virtual world.

Computers do not have ethics. Give them a formally specified problem, and they will happily pump out an answer at lightning speed. Running code that takes down a hospital’s computer systems is no different to a code that keeps a patient’s heart beating. Like The Force, computers can be pulled to the light side or the dark side. Network security is like the Jedi Order, trying to bring peace to the cyberverse.

Protect Your Computers and Network against Threats

The scope of network security evolves as quickly as the capabilities of computing. You can think of it as a set of techniques to prevent secrecy, integrity, and availability of data and systems against threats.

  • Secrecy

Secrecy, or confidentiality, means that only authorized people should be able to access or read specific computer systems and data. Data breaches where hackers reveal people’s credit card information is an attack on secrecy.

  • Integrity

Integrity means that only authorized people should have the ability to use or modify systems and data. Hackers who learn your email and passwords and masquerade as you, is an attack on integrity.

  • Availability of Data and Systems

Availability means that authorized people should always have access to their systems and data.  If a hacker overloads a website with fake requests, it is an attack on availability.

Active Computer Technologies offers network security tools that are planned for your specific small business environment. This includes finding a managed services company with a business internet security service. We use the latest tools, including antivirus, for network security. Additionally, we believe the best solution for our clients is a hardware firewall solution. A well-designed firewall is used to prevent unauthorized access to your network. Contact us to learn more about network security in Richardson today.

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Over 25 years ago, Active Computer Technologies was created to help small businesses compete with larger corporations. Today we provide managed services Dallas businesses rely on to be successful.


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