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Cloud Services

Cloud Services designed for the Dallas Small Business

Small businesses have to hustle to compete. Fortunately, technology like cloud services level the playing field. By moving business applications to the cloud, small businesses find it easier to expand. Utilizing a flat fee model provides an opportunity to cut costs. Additionally, benefits like remote data backup and restore services make cloud solutions attractive.

The concept of using the cloud for business applications is simple. In practice, however, it does require expertise to migrate and maintain to receive the full advantage. Active Computer Technologies cloud services team has vast experience in moving to and maintaining cloud infrastructures. We are able to maximize our clients’ cloud deployment through integrated managed services that include:

  • Multi-site failover
  • Enterprise level security
  • High-performance delivery.

We offer both hybrid and private cloud infrastructure.  Clients can choose to move some or all of their business applications to the cloud.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud. The question becomes what are best  cloud solutions for me? There are three types:

  • Public, where you share servers with others
  • Hybrid, which means you leave some data on premise
  • Private cloud infrastructure, which gives you your own segment of a server

Private cloud infrastructure ensures that you have data within your firewall. This provides better network security for critical applications and systems. Moving to a private cloud will improve business continuity and disaster recovery. This is because your information resides in a secure place. It is consistently monitored and backed up. In addition, cloud infrastructures use redundancy, meaning there is a copy of your information.

The benefits of private cloud infrastructure are immense. It provides better collaboration and improved scalability. Active Computer Technologies is pleased to provide this secure service to our clients. Our team is well-versed in all areas critical to maintaining a private cloud infrastructure. In addition, we can migrate traditional data without disrupting current business activities.

Our private cloud infrastructure service includes secure data centers with redundant power, cooling and internet connectivity. You also receive remote backup of the data on your virtual servers. Availability to connect from anywhere that your employees have access to the internet.

There is no upfront cost for server hardware, licensing or implementation. Private cloud implementations take the guesswork out of building your network infrastructure from the ground up. Pay as you grow services fit your budgetary needs today, and tomorrow.

Hosted Exchange

Another major benefit of  cloud solutions is secure email services. Choosing hosted Exchange provides many benefits to small business. You can reap all the benefits of giving your employees access to the advanced Microsoft Exchange platform.  These include no upfront investment in hardware, software, license and installation. Plus, you’ll have the ability to connect to your email from anywhere, any time.

There are many optional add-ons to improve your email communications. Some favorites are:

  • Encryption for compliance mandates (HIPAA, PCI, SOX)
  • Support for Blackberry and other mobile devices
  • SharePoint services
  • Fax via email

Cloud Services are Secure

All our cloud solutions include remote backup and disaster recovery services. These will improve business continuity. Just a few of the security-focused services used are:

  1. An on-premises appliance for quick local backup and restores.
  2. A remote copy of the data stored in the cloud at a secure, redundant remote location.
  3. The ability to fail over to the local appliance if your server dies.
  4. Fail over to a copy of your servers in the cloud in case of a local disaster.

Whether it’s having a hosted Exchange and secure email hosting, or a private cloud infrastructure to host your entire network, there are benefits to your small business. Contact us today and we will spend time with you to determine the best cloud solutions for your business growth.

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