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Law Firms Managed Services Providing Excellent Security

According to the 2017 ABA Legal Technology Survey report, more than one in three firms with 10-49 attorneys reported some type of security breach. When you consider the vast amount of data that law firms push across the internet, this is a wake-up call. Network security is of paramount importance to all small businesses, particularly those with sensitive client information. Active Computer Technologies puts our 25 years of experience into our Law Firms Managed Services to address this issue. We take security and support seriously.

Law Firms Managed Services You Can Swear By

Law firms have specialized needs. From industry software to strong security protocols, attorneys and legal teams must have premier managed IT support services. However, many law firms simply do not have the means to hire enterprise level consultants. The team at Active Computer Technologies is both willing and able to provide the level of support needed. As a result, we have multiple law firms as long-term clients.

Our experience in this space allowed us to craft the ideal Law Firms Managed Services solution. We are cognizant of your budget while ensuring top-notch security protocols. Additionally, we have strong experience in supporting multiple offices and remote workers.

In addition to robust remote management and maintenance services, our team provides IT consulting services for various needs. These include procuring hardware and software, office expansion, upgrades or relocation, designing and implementing your infrastructure, and office cabling for phone and internet access. We also consult with other providers to ensure your security and data safety is maintained.

Active Computer Technologies provides Law Firms Managed Services solutions such as:

The team at Active Computer Technologies has a combined 75 years’ experience. We are adept in the latest security protocols and can ensure your data is safe.

Reliable Managed IT Services for Your Legal Practice

At Active Computer Technologies, we believe in a more consultative approach. We believe in teamwork; therefore, we work with other vendors to ensure the success of a project. While that may mean stepping out of our normal role as managed IT services provider, we know our clients rely on us.

In order to partner with our legal clients, we get to know your practice and challenges. Our focus is long-term relationships. Whether we are ensuring that your practice is uninterrupted by sudden software updates, or upgrading to a new software version, we will be there every step of the way.

There is no need to be exposed to cyber security hackers. Put our 25 years of experience to work using our Law Firms Managed Services. Contact us to discuss how we can partner to keep your practice running smoothly.

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Over 25 years ago, Active Computer Technologies was created to help small businesses compete with larger corporations. Today we provide managed services Dallas businesses rely on to be successful.


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