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Network Security

Network Security Designed to Protect your Small Business

Keeping up with the latest network security standards is a difficult task. Hackers constantly find new ways to breach networks. Therefore, small businesses are vulnerable because of the effort required to maintain good business internet security. Unfortunately, the issue is aggravated by the fact that security experts are in high demand. Fortunately, partnering with a managed services company will keep your network secure. Additionally, it is a strategic cost savings and talent acquisition measure.

Network Security Tools Designed for Small Business Internet Security

Internet security should be planned around your specific small business environment. This includes finding a managed services company with a business internet security service. At Active Computer Technologies, we utilize the latest tools, including antivirus for network security. Additionally, we believe the best solution for our clients is a hardware firewall solution. A well-designed firewall is used to prevent unauthorized access to your network. It is the front line of defense against many common cyber-attacks, including:

  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojan Horse attacks
  • Hackers

Partnering with the right team ensures these common attacks will be prevented.

Our team can easily install a firewall into your existing network. It simply plugs in at the internet connection of each of your offices. This includes remote workers at home or physical locations. Firewalls add a crucial safety element between your valuable computer systems and unwanted intrusions. Your network security will be improved by properly utilizing a firewall.

Deploying firewall solutions from vendors like WatchGuard, Cisco, and Barracuda can help your business:

  • Control incoming and outgoing traffic between the internet and your protected networks
  • Hide your internal IP addresses from the external network
  • Control user authentication
  • Configure access rules by user or group
  • Secure communication tunnels for remote users/branch office VPN
  • Filter by user, group, time-of-day or content category
  • Generate reports to show user network activity
  • Create secure wireless connectivity for your office LAN and segregated wireless networks for visitors

Managed Services Improve Business Internet Security

Of all the challenges small businesses face, cyber threats can be the most frightening. According to Inc. magazine, over 50 percent of cyber-attacks target small to medium sized organizations. Why? Because this group of hard-working business owners find it difficult to maintain solid business internet security practices.

Security protocols change so frequently that internet security requires a constant focus. Fortunately, our team is immersed in the world of network security. We constantly assess threats and deploy fixes. Through regular audits, we ensure that your business stays secure. Utilizing state-of-the-art remote backup service offering also keeps our client’s data secure. We will have a good backup in case of any security threats.

Active Computer Technologies approach our client’s issues as if they are our own. We work diligently to keep up with industry-specific regulations. Our team of experts stays on top of changing network security issues. And we proactively work with our clients to ensure we implement your chosen security policies and protection. Through our disaster recovery protocols, consistent network monitoring and regularly planned security updates, your internet security is strong.

There is no need to battle hackers and cyber security threats alone. Deploy our team of experts. Through remote monitoring and management, we keep your small business safe. Take network security off your list of things to worry about – contact us today so we can do battle for you.

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