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Managed Services

Do You Need A VPN If You Already Have A Firewall?

In an ideal world, we would not need firewalls. With the increasing risk of cyber security threats and breaches, however, firewalls are often needed to block whatever gets past a VPN and to protect any threat that tries to attack the VPN server both from outside and

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5 Questions to Ask Your Managed Outsource Service Provider before You Hire Them

So, you are thinking of selecting a managed outsourced service provider. Perhaps you need help to monitor your network or your unified communications systems. Maybe you are in the healthcare industry, your company has embraced telemedicine, and you do not want to have a lapse in patient

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Managed IT Services – Questions & Answers

Thanks to the innovations in technology; large, small, and medium-sized business can now access the same levels of IT support. These levels of support were not existent a few years ago and were only available to the largest of businesses. But, thanks to the latest innovation in

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Our Why

Over 25 years ago, Active Computer Technologies was created to help small businesses compete with larger corporations. Today we provide managed services Dallas businesses rely on to be successful.


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