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Network Security Tips: How To Protect ERP Systems Against Cybersecurity Threats


As network security specialists, we know that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are a big-ticket item to cybercriminals. Not only do these systems integrate with many other IT systems in a business, but cybercriminals can also gain access to all your most valuable information (such as the financials and private customer information) through an ERP system.

Hackers’ attempts to target ERP systems have become so prevalent that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to businesses about the issue. This is an issue that affects businesses of all sizes. Here are a few things you can do to protect ERP systems from cybersecurity threats:

  • Relook Your Access Rights 

All too often, companies give full access rights to employees as a default. Cybersecurity threats can also come from inside your business, so have another look at who has access to which data. Your IT staff, for example, should not have access to your staff’s compensation information. While you are reviewing access rights, it is also worthwhile to check who has permission to make changes to the ERP system.

  • Restricted Access To Cloud-Based ERPs 

Many ERP systems are cloud-based these days. There are many benefits to having your company’s ERP system in the cloud, but your cloud solutions provider needs to shield internet-accessible data within your ERP system from attacks at all costs. Hackers can manipulate search engines to find hidden information online, and if your cloud-based ERP system is not adequately protected, it is possible that they could gain access to your data.

  • Always Install Software Updates Promptly 

Software providers are the people who are the most aware of security vulnerabilities. If a security vulnerability is picked up, they will solve it with a security patch or software update. If you ever get an update for an ERP system, it should be installed immediately to prevent any threats.

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