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5 Benefits Of Online Backup Services For Small Businesses

Cloud technology

Data storage utilization in local area networks and corporate desktop environments has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. The benefits of online backup services can be summarized as follows:

Your Data Isn’t Secure Enough In Your Physical Location

The basic idea of a ‘backup’ is to have copies of your data that won’t disappear when a disaster strikes. If your business is exposed to a natural disaster or malicious attack on site, then your data backups will be ruined. If your data is stored in the cloud, then you can access all your company’s information, even if your physical assets are gone.

cloud backup


How secure is your data? If you only have one external hard drive that you take back and forth to the office, what happens when it fails? With the cloud, your data will always be secure and easily accessible online.

Ease Of Use

Before the cloud, data backups used to happen by copying data onto tapes, CD’s, and external hard drives. This is a very time-consuming and administratively intensive process. Backing up data to the cloud can happen with a few simple clicks.

Quick To Deploy

Setting up an online backup program can be as easy as setting up an account, installing some software and choosing your selections. When you partner with Active Computer Technologies, we can take care of everything for you. Whether you want your company’s data to be backed up daily, weekly or monthly, we can automate the whole process.

Remote backup solutions

Virtually all cloud backup providers offer unlimited storage availability that you can use remotely. You can increase and decrease your online backup storage space as your company grows, thereby optimizing your resources. Remote backup services means you and your staff can go about your business while ensuring that all your data is continuously backed up for you.

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